The Weasel King (theweaselking) wrote,
The Weasel King

Were you interested in the Hugo Awards, but put off by the racist sexist misogynist homophobic dipshit contingent hijacking them? Locus has your back.

The Locus Awards: A collection of skiffy fic untainted by ballot-stuffing assholes. Maybe not all to your taste, but reliably "dickface asslimousines did not shit on this ballot and then demand that you to eat it with a smile"

Bonus sick burn: Connie Willis, awesome author[1] and perennial Hugo presenter, told the Hugos to fuck off because of the penisnose MRA anuscacti who hijacked their nomination process, and she's presenting the Locus Awards.

[1]: Disclosure: I did not like Blackout/All Clear, or vote for them, or think they deserved the awards they got. I have said very mean things about them, that I still stand by today - and I'm okay with people not sharing my objectively correct opinions, I am reliably informed that people are allowed to be wrong. But I love much of her other work and she herself has always seemed to be a fun person who is far more patient and tolerant than anyone should ever be required to be.[2]

[2]: Harlan Ellison is not currently in an American prison.

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