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I've done a little more math because it still annoys me. - Almost certainly not Johnny Depp.

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January 18th, 2010

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02:42 pm - I've done a little more math because it still annoys me.
With regards to The Book Of Eli, which was easily the worst movie of 2010:

The Braille Bible Denzel Washington is lugging around, were it the New Testament only, and cheaply bound, would be more than a meter thick. Assuming, of course, that it had no punctuation, no capital letters, no spaces, no verse numbering, no whitespace, no nothing except the literal characters one after another in an unending stream. Add all that stuff in, and you'll easily MORE THAN DOUBLE that. Those pictures in the comments of the previous entry, showing a Braille Bible in 17 volumes as wide as a man with arms outstretched? New Testament only.

And we *know* Denzel's is not just the New Testament, because it's the KJV (and thus contains the New Testament) and Denzel starts his recitation with Genesis (meaning it has to have the Old Testament, too.)

A full Braille Bible, with no space devoted to the bindings or anything, so it's just a stack of unbound double-sided Braille pages, is almost 3 meters tall. Again, assuming you have no spaces, capital letters, punctuation, titles, whitespace, or line breaks. And, again, MORE THAN DOUBLE that for the stuff I've left out.

And for bonus points? the movie's Braille Bible uses pages *less than half* the size of a standard Braille book.

For extra mega bonus points, we see the book from the side repeatedly in the movie. The pages are pressed tightly together and gilt along the edges, just like a standard onionskin Bible. Which is to say, the paper isn't thick enough to hold a dot, and, even it it *had* been Brailled, it would have been compressed into illegibility long before because not enough space was left between the pages.

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