The Weasel King (theweaselking) wrote,
The Weasel King

I haven’t linked Jason Yungbluth lately.

Jason Yungbluth, who does the entirely brilliant (and currently deceased, kind of) Deep Fried, has a new Weapon Brown collection coming.

Quoth Yungbluth,
Weapon Brown is a post-apocalyptic parody of Charlie Brown, first serialized in Deep Fried and then collected into it's own stand alone volume. The original arc, A Peanut Scorned, tracked Chuck "Weapon" Brown and his dog Snoop as they crossed the ravaged landscape of post-World War IV earth looking for Chuck's kidnapped girlfriend. Along the way he encounters gritty adult versions of the entire Peanuts cast. At story's end, Weapon Brown and Snoop are on the road again, heading for parts unknown.

In Blockhead's War we pick up where A Peanut Scorned left off. Weapon Brown is a bounty hunter, scraping out a living earning the only things of value his world has to offer: electricity and famine rations. When his latest quarry turns out to be carrying something valuable, something that could save what's left of humanity from extinction, Chuck ultimately finds himself throwing in his lot with a tribe of refugees that guard a secret coveted by Weapon Brown's creators, the evil Syndicate. To claim it for themselves the Syndicate will unleash hell on earth, including a vicious new model of super soldier that has a score to settle with Weapon Brown.

Having exhausted all the possibilities of spoofing the inhabitants of the Peanuts comic strip, Blockhead's War will pit Weapon Brown against parody versions of dozens of other comic strip stars, from Annie to Ziggy. But in the ultimate showdown, who is it that thinks they have the right to claim the heavyweight title from Weapon Brown? Only a deadly pair of newcomers named Calv1n and H.O.B.S.

Yungbluth is quality. Click, look around, sign up for a copy of his free 128-page comic ($3.00 shipping), and then buy the rest. All of the rest. ALL OF IT.

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