The Weasel King (theweaselking) wrote,
The Weasel King

A slice of life.

Me: As an experiment, I deem this an unmitigated success!
torrain: But this was not an experiment. It was dinner.
Me: It was both dinner AND an experiment! And the experiment worked perfectly and gave us a whole lot of useful data!
torrain: But not a whole lot of useful dinner.
Me: Dinner is not important! This is SCIENCE!
torrain: Science does not feed us.
Me: Science SHOULD feed us. I would totally eat science.
torrain: Until then, dinner is lacking. Sandwiches?
Me: Capital!

For consideration: Sri Lankan curry recipes written in Thai by a non-native speaker, translated to Russian via intercepted semaphore, and then printed in English by the lowest Chinese bidder? Not predictable in terms of volume or result. And it doesn't help when you learn mid-cooking that you have no rice. Tasty, though.
Tags: slice of life

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