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December 2nd, 2016

10:26 am
Swirling ashes into glass as a memorial.

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10:15 am
 photo hev161202_zpsncdsri5z.gif

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December 1st, 2016

11:42 am - The glamourous life of computers.
Issue: After an email migration, automated emails sent by the SFTP server on customer data releases are still going through the old server, not the new one. So they're going to customers just fine but internal emails are getting dropped in the old, deprecated mailboxes that users have been told to not use. I didn't build the SFTP server, but I can take a look, why not?

1) check smarthost settings on the SFTP server, but they're correct. Send a test message through them, it arrives in the right mailbox through the right server.

2) Do the automated emails actually go through the smarthost? Good question, let's check: Hmm, no custom script. No triggers set. mod_notify isn't even installed, mod_exec is disabled.... how do these automated messages actually TRIGGER? Attempt to trigger one: No email appears, nothing in the logs about sending or not sending an email.

3) Give up on figuring out how they trigger, go looking for the person who reported the problem, who can trigger it and can show me an example of the issue. Discover that after first reporting the issue at *11pm*, he's left the country early the next day and will be back in "early 2017". Discover that he left a message asking that this be fixed ASAP because it's been broken, for, like, a month.

4) Swear. Yup, swearing still works. This is nice.

5) Go dig up the person who's doing the reporter's job while he's gone, which involves going through a chain of managers since the immediate manager is ALSO gone until "sometime in 2017". Ask HIM to trigger one of those automated messages for me.

6) Learn that the automated email process broke sometime in *2007*, and so for the last DECADE the company has been sending "automated notice of file upload" to users by hand. Facepalm. Ask him to show me how he does THAT, and learn to my horror that the complaining user has been logging into the old mail server exactly as he has been told EXPLICITLY to never, ever do, and sending these messages by hand through the deprecated-but-not-yet-decommissioned system. Ask WHY. Am told that the complaining user said he didn't think the new system was working, despite it being the thing he uses all day every day for all his other email purposes AND the users being told to report all issues with the new system because USING THE OLD ONE CAUSES PROBLEMS EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE HE IS COMPLAINING ABOUT and also WE'RE TURNING OFF THE OLD ONE, "SOON".

7) Headdesk.

8) Change the complaining user's password. Even if the system is not-yet-decommissioned when he returns, he does not get the new password. As well, I am currently looking into how to lock this on an unchangeable endless loop as his desktop background:
 photo tumblr_n8envbbNXX1shtqapo1_500_zpshcogqsx0.gif

On the whole, computers were a mistake.

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November 29th, 2016

11:32 pm - BUT HOW?

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November 28th, 2016

06:59 pm
 photo tumblr_oh8i3mtbEN1r5iumyo1_r2_1280_zpsdjr6scgg.jpg

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November 23rd, 2016

08:47 pm - Do you have Windows 10? Do you like Telltale Games?
On the MS store right now (and all weekend), Telltale's Batman is free.

Telltale make great games! Batman sucks but Batman *video games* are consistently fun!

Requires a (free) MS Account, only works on Win10. But free.

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03:54 pm
The "newspaper" owned by the Trump family would like you to stop accurately referring to Nazi Trump supporters as "Nazis".

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01:54 pm - This is a real book.
 photo when bears collide_zpshhprfvt3.png

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November 22nd, 2016

03:27 pm - When history writes the political cartoons for you.
 photo rgirurmrnaz5ikao4dcj_zps1ap6p8ca.jpg

Confederate Time Capsule Opened, Is Filled With Soggy Garbage

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10:51 am
US FTC rules that homeopathic "treatments" must clearly include labelling saying they don't work.

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