The Weasel King (theweaselking) wrote,
The Weasel King

A cooking question!

I made the Delicious Chicken Sandwiches again.

And a question came up: that marinade is awesome, and I kinda want to do that for burgers.

The immediate thought: Same recipe, toss in ground beef instead of the chicken. When you're ready to make the patties, sieve the marinated beef out and discard most of the liquid (instead of just lifting out the solid chicken breasts), squeeze to remove even more liquid, then make your patties out of that.

So! I'm totally willing to try this, but I figured I would ask the wiser cooking heads of the audience: "Is this completely stupid?" Like, is there some reason this will ruin the beef/prevent the patties from sticking together because all the fat is gone/SET FIRE TO MY KITCHEN that I should know about before I just try it?
Tags: cheffery
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