The Weasel King (theweaselking) wrote,
The Weasel King

A slice of life.

Me: Here, have a link. It will make you cry but not in a totally bad way.

[time passes]

Frances: I want to smack this writer.

Me: Don't read the comments. NEVER read the comments.

Frances: But it's a comment by the writer!

Me: Even then. I try to avoid letting comments, even author's comments, get in the way of a piece.

Frances: The piece itself has its problems!

Me: Granted, he totally dismisses the idea that the man might want help and be unable to ask for it, or that he might desperately NEED help. But he still offered it?

Frances: I suppose?

Me: Think of it this way. He's a teabagger from Alabama, and he stopped and gave a homeless man a meal, and a sympathetic ear, and he offered further help and he shared the man's story. The bar of humanity may be set extremely low, but, at least this one time, this guy cleared it?
Tags: slice of life
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