The Weasel King (theweaselking) wrote,
The Weasel King

"It's all fun and games until someone gets a JALAPENO UP THE NOSE."

Reason #33 John Is No Longer Allowed In The Kitchen Unsupervised.

I had previously, for the record, classified jalapeno peppers as "not very hot" - a nice, reasonable, middling kind of spice for when you want smoky heat and a bit of bite. No more, after today. After today, they are officially toxic waste. Delicious, tasty toxic waste.

You see, I was making the stuffed Jalapeno Peppers With Cheese And Onion recipe for torrain and her friends and their movie night, and while seeding the peppers, my nose started itching. Without thinking about it, I rinsed my hands and rubbed it - cleverly depositing fresh jalapeno seed oil onto the mucus membranes of my nose. I then washed my hands again and reached back to start seeding again when it dawned on me AND my nerve endings what I had just done.

After five minutes of desperately trying to get my hands clean enough that rubbing my nose with water would help, to the point where I was seriously considering trying to find a way to flush my nose with milk, the pain receded enough that I could stop whimpering and get back to cooking. And OW OW OW OW and for the record, people who are into figging are nuts. This was the tip of my nose and has firmly convinced me once and for all that spices plus non-mouth orifices equals worst idea EVER.

I also made the Sweet Basil Devilled Eggs that I said I was going to, and my conclusion is: DEE LISH US. The filling was a little runny - next time I think I'll do 8 eggs instead of 6 with the same other ingredients - and I didn't put in quite enough salt, pepper, or hot sauce, but all those are fixable on the second try, and the problem was me jumping the gun and not adjusting the filling well enough first. The recipe as it stands is really quite excellent.

Audience participation time: I don't use mayonnaise for much of anything, and the smallest jar I could get still has enough for 50 more batches of devilled eggs. What should I do with my mayo, given that I don't like more than a barest hint of it on sandwiches or burgers? Anyone got a good creamy non-vinegar-based coleslaw recipe or something?
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